Much of city life is fast paced. But however much time you spend in it, your city kitchen should be a place to rest and refuel. You need your kitchen to prepare yourself for a busy day or wind down at the end of one. It’s a place to store what you need to re-charge and energise yourself. As such, the design should create an environment that ticks all your boxes and evaporates any Monday morning or Sunday night blues. The term ‘urban kitchen’ is widely used in the industry. So this week, we’re taking a look at exactly what we mean when we use it.

Welcome to the urban kitchen

From industrial apartments to period townhouses, homes in large cities and bustling capitals present a great opportunity to incorporate elements of urban kitchen design. Overall, urban kitchens should reflect the vibrant environments in which they’re built while providing a retreat from the high-pressure and fast-paced atmosphere. Regardless of your metropolitan lifestyle, the kitchen is the heart of any home. It should remain a space for relaxing, socialising, cooking, and serving meals when you want to.

Unlike a sub-urban or rural kitchen, your urban kitchen might have a striking city skyline backdrop or view onto a bustling street out of the window. And in order not to get lost in the midst of the urban jungle, the interiors need to complement this. Think clean but bold designs, creating a sense of space and scale. Neutral colours to match the roads and skies outside with splashes of colour capturing the vibrancy of city life and bringing warmth into your home.

Reflecting the urban environment

Just as rustic interiors reflect and celebrate the types of colours and textures found in nature, urban interiors have a tendency to draw upon the qualities that make metropolitan environments exciting, unique, and charming. Industrial materials like stainless steel and concrete offer fail safe ways of bringing the defining features of rugged urban environments into your space – they also make for extremely durable and attractive additions to a practical yet stylish kitchen.

You can gather inspiration for your urban kitchen by taking cues from modern cafes and restaurants, which are increasingly favouring this interesting blend of industrial and rustic modern stylings. Sometimes, the best ideas come from a little light research and observation. Just remember that urban kitchens need not resemble warehouses and factories. Such spaces are to be lived in, after all.

They should be designed as social and functional spaces for cooking and sharing meals with loved ones. Indeed, many people describe the urban aesthetic as one which takes elements of harsher designs and gives them a softer, brighter, more homely edge. For example, a cold concrete floor can be spruced up with a selection of moroccan rugs, an exposed beam can be painted in muted tones, or a rugged wood floor can be given a matte finish.

Creating a contrast to the urban environment

Keeping the interior of your home simple and minimalist is one way to create the contrast from the busy city outside and many urban kitchens boost this aesthetic. But when choosing your kitchen style, your personality and preference play a large role, so that’s not to say that all urban kitchens need to adopt a minimalistic style. For Burnhill’s advice on design tips for urban kitchen read our blog post on elements of urban kitchen design.

Honesty in design

There is something undeniably honest about the urban kitchens found tucked away in our cities. They give homeowners the freedom to express themselves and incorporate an eclectic mixture of different styles without worrying about interior trends. Make the most of open structures which prove that you have nothing to hide. Lots of untreated flooring left to breathe without rugs, indoor herb gardens and potted plants for hint of the natural, undressed floor to ceiling windows inviting impressive city views into the space – the possibilities are endless. You can also make proper use of architectural features unique to your space such as exposed brickwork, industrial beams, or large steel windows for that raw urban character.

When the right amount of thought and imagination goes into a kitchen design, the end result can be magnificent. If you haven’t spent much time in your urban kitchen in the past, you might find yourself choosing to hang out in there more often with Burnhill.