With smooth curves and graceful lines, our elegant kitchens have an iconic and evergreen look achieved through the sinuosity of shapes.  Burnhill Kitchens are experts in creative kitchen designs. Our contemporary range of kitchens provide are extremely versatile and not only look stunning but also offer impressive levels of functionality.

Pay a visit to the Burnhill Kitchens showroom in Tonbridge for a first-hand look at the beauty and high quality craftsmanship of our kitchens.



Achieve prestige, trend, style with a chromatic range, or vibrancy with Miró Colours. Consider wood, glossy and matt colours, weaving, coral or blackboard finishes, for a total of more than 100 laminate nuances. Enjoy the freedom!


Maximise your storage space by celebrating the art of compartmentalising. Drawer dividers can also create interesting and complementary nooks & crannies for various items. Our designers will help you achieve optimum storage that works for you.

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Fine paint-work is a highlight. Opt for a smooth satin finish or admire bold grained oak.


Our contemporary designs are based on sensibility, tradition, research and care following and setting the trends that others follow. For that sleek look we offer three different versions with handle, c-channel or aluminium profile.


Our designers will wow you with the vast selection of worktops available to blend in with your new kitchen and surrounding living space. Whether you go for a quartz, granite or corian worktop we will ensure you have explored all the options.


Glass shelves, mirrors and splashbacks provide life and style. Use bold colours to create dramatic features that can easily tie in with other kitchen accessories such as bar stools or window blinds to create the perfect finishing touch.