Kitchens - 02.01.19

Room for dessert

With expert design, you can create a space that meets all of your culinary needs even when space is limited. Here are our top tips for maximising functionality and comfort…

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What do we mean by urban kitchen?

Much of city life is fast paced. But however much time you spend in it, your city kitchen should be a place to rest and refuel. You need your kitchen…

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Style - 26.12.18

May your kitchen be merry and bright

From the first mince pie of the season, the preparing of the Christmas cake to the Christmas dinner and New Year’s Eve party food, at this time of year the…

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Style - 21.12.18

Is your kitchen magazine ready?

You’re approaching the final stage of your kitchen refurb. The builders have been and gone, everything’s installed, the paintwork’s finished – but your design journey doesn’t end here. When creating…

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Kitchens - 01.11.18

Great British Bake Off Kitchen

The standard of contestants on the Great British Bake Off seems to get better each year. Showstoppers and technicals become more and more extravagant (when they come out of the…

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Kitchens - 24.10.18

How to choose the perfect kitchen sink

When it comes to function, the kitchen sink is the most versatile feature of any domestic kitchen. While you can display your culinary flair at the hob or rummage for…

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News - 04.10.18

Buying an oven: everything you need to know

Ovens have come a long way in the last several years, let alone in the last several decades. Advances in technology have lead to the development of sleek, efficient and…

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News - 18.09.18

Timeless kitchen colour combos

When it comes to kitchens, only a handful of colour combinations have stood the test of time. From the psychedelic greens and oranges of the 1960s to the earthy brown…

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News - 03.08.18

Kitchen accessories that make a statement

When it comes to kitchen design, practicality and functionality are high on the list. A good kitchen has places to store kitchenware, appliances and utensils and space to use them….

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News - 27.07.18

Modern storage tips for modern kitchens

Like kitchen design itself, kitchen storage has increasingly been taking on qualities of minimalism and simplicity. The desired effect is a modern kitchen with streamlined space, uncluttered surfaces, and the…

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News - 29.06.18