Kitchen Planning - 02.09.19

Best American-style fridge freezers

  If you have space for one, American-style fridge freezers are a fantastic addition to any kitchen. They offer more storage space, additional features for increasing the longevity of your…

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What do we mean by a bespoke kitchen?

The term ‘bespoke’ is used a lot to describe products and services…and too frequently in our opinion. Occasionally companies describe their products as ‘bespoke’ when they’re in fact far from it….

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Kitchen Planning - 20.08.19

Adding colour to grey designs: which colours work with grey?

A mix of black and white, archetype grey has proven to be a big hit in interiors over the past year or so. When looking at kitchen design trends for…

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Kitchen Design - 16.04.19

How to make a cool kitchen look warmer

Regardless of the style of your property, the kitchen is usually the heart of the home. It’s true that we have to make practical considerations such as cleanliness and which…

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Kitchens - 30.03.19

Once you go matt, do you go back?

One of the biggest style elements of any new, designer kitchen is its finish. The ‘matt versus gloss’ debate may seem futile, until you come to choose your new kitchen…

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Kitchen Design - 13.03.19

Ask the experts: what are the benefits of Quooker taps?

We love using Quooker taps at Burnhill. They’re practical and stylish in ways unrivalled by other kitchen taps, and we could wax lyrical about their benefits for days. Customers often…

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Kitchens - 15.02.19

Tomorrow’s kitchens

Earlier this month we pulled together the main stages involved in planning a kitchen extension; this week we’re looking at what’s popular at the moment and what we expect to…

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Kitchens - 01.02.19

Planning your kitchen extension: a step-by-step guide

If your kitchen doesn’t have the floor space to fit in all the features and areas you would like now, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t ever have these. If…

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Kitchen Planning - 17.01.19

Room for dessert

With expert design, you can create a space that meets all of your culinary needs even when space is limited. Here are our top tips for maximising functionality and comfort…

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Kitchen Design - 02.01.19

What do we mean by urban kitchen?

Much of city life is fast paced. But however much time you spend in it, your city kitchen should be a place to rest and refuel. You need your kitchen…

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Kitchen Design - 26.12.18