Bedroom & Home Office Design



A dark cosy bedroom hideaway or a room flooded with light in the mornings where you wake up relaxed and ready to face the day? Whichever it is, we can help you achieve your interiors aspirations by designing bedroom furniture according to your needs.

For a bright and airy room, sliding wardrobe doors clad with glass will make the most of your light. For those tight on space, we can provide space saving solutions with clever cabinets and spacious cupboards. Burnhill Kitchens provides storage made to suit your specific needs – wardrobe interiors, bedside cabinets and linen cupboards – for a space that is yours and yours alone.




Working in a comfortable space with everything tidily stored but within easy reach will enhance that sense of well-being. We know that an organised working environment is conducive to productivity and this understanding is at the heart of our home office design service.

Our designers have a myriad of ideas and solutions to create an interiors space that you will love. Perhaps you could try furniture in warm oak or rich walnut teamed with metallic lampshades and fittings to create a contemporary feel using traditional materials. Storage solutions made specifically for the office make working so much easier.