Events - 26.02.16

Sam running the London Marathon

On 24th April, our Sales Director, Sam D’Arcy, will be running the London Marathon in aid of Cancer Research UK.  He would really appreciate all the support he can get…

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Events - 26.02.16

MIDAS Kitchens – New Showroom

MIDAS Kitchens has opened an exciting new showroom in Les Gets offering a wide range of kitchen styles within the Porte Du Soleil region normally found in London.

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Events - 01.03.16

Burbidge award winner – ‘Kitchen of the season’

The Brief: Using the Petworth range in a combination of two up-to-the-minute painted shades (French Grey and Lead) we have created an impressive, sociable, open plan kitchen in the beautiful…

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News - 22.03.16

Kitchen Design Trends for 2017

Here at Burnhill Kitchens, we have been lucky to work with a huge variety of customers, each with different dreams and visions. Nevertheless, we often see the same trends resurfacing….

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News - 14.03.17

How to maximise space in a small kitchen

Having a small space for your kitchen does not mean that it cannot be a show-stopping room. It just requires you to be a bit smarter and savvier in your…

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News - 20.03.17

How to achieve a Scandinavian style kitchen

We are all familiar with the Scandinavian trend that has infiltrated the homes and interiors world for sometime now. In fact, we would go as far to say that it’s…

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News - 30.06.17

Designing the perfect family kitchen

The kitchen is the central hub of the home, a space for the family to gather and make memories. No longer a place solely for cooking and eating, the modern…

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News - 05.07.17

Testimonial: Oak Tree House

“Having settled in I wanted to convey my thanks to the team at Burnhill for the excellent job you did on my Kitchen at Oak Tree House. From the design meetings…

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News - 05.07.17

So you’re planning a kitchen extension?

It is without doubt that the kitchen extension has been the most popular type of renovation to the home for several years now. This increased appetite for an extension of…

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News - 10.07.17

Modern kitchen technology

We are all aware of the unprecedented rise of smart technology that is gradually infiltrating our daily lives. One environment in which this technological development has been particularly impressive is…

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News - 24.07.17

Join us at the MacMillan Coffee Morning!

On 29th September 2017, we will be taking part in the world’s biggest coffee morning! Join us from 10.30am for a MacMillan Coffee Morning where you can enjoy a cuppa and…

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Events - 26.07.17

Choosing a kitchen worktop

With so many available options on the market, choosing a kitchen worktop can feel like a bit of a minefield. An important part of the kitchen design that can ultimately…

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News - 31.07.17

6 key bathroom trends

We may be a kitchen company at heart but here at Burnhill Kitchens, we also design and create beautiful bathrooms. Once the excitement and chaos of the summer holidays are…

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News - 15.08.17

5 design tips for sustainable kitchens

Many of us are making a conscious effort to live greener lives and tweak our homes to be more friendly to the environment. In the kitchen we can prepare and…

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News - 04.09.17

5 key features in classic English kitchens

Nowadays, while many modern kitchens do try to imitate certain period designs, kitchens that are broadly designed in the classic English style usually incorporate a mixture of features plucked from…

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News - 07.09.17

Functional and efficient kitchen design

Great kitchen design comes down to two factors: aesthetics and functionality. It’s not enough for a space to look beautiful, modern, bright, or inviting if that space simply doesn’t fulfil…

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News - 18.09.17

What is a kitchen work triangle?

The work triangle is considered one of the fundamental elements of kitchen design, and yet there’s a lot confusion about what it actually is. We know that kitchens can be…

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News - 25.09.17

How to achieve a minimalist kitchen

As anyone tuned into modern interior design should know, minimalism is a type of design marked by simplicity and a lack of excess. Despite becoming increasingly popular in the past…

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News - 11.10.17

5 lighting options for your kitchen

Perfect lighting is a miraculous concept: when done correctly, it has the potential to make any room look immediately more open and fresh. But in rooms intended for work and…

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News - 02.11.17

Planning the perfect kitchen storage in 5 simple steps

In the world of kitchen design, compartmentalising is something of a fine art. Modern kitchen storage solutions are becoming more and more intelligent, attractive, impressive and practical, making now a…

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News - 27.11.17

5 common kitchen splashback mistakes to avoid

The splashback is an integral part of kitchen design, offering a practical solution to deflect mess from countertops and cookers while adding an attractive accent of colour and texture. Usually,…

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News - 29.11.17

7 tips for designing a home office for maximum productivity

When working from home, it is always best if your surroundings are built and organised in accordance with whatever makes you work best. Indeed, you can create a home office…

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News - 14.12.17

Testimonial: Bexley Kitchen

“I am delighted with the end result of my kitchen refurbishment.  Burnhill Kitchens more than stood up to my exacting standards and were helpful and informative dealing with the many…

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News - 04.01.18

Live cooking event at Burnhill Kitchens

Fancy spending a day embracing your inner ‘Bake Off’ and collecting some scrumptious new recipes to take home? Come over to the Burnhill Kitchens showroom in Tonbridge and spend some…

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Events - 15.01.18

6 kitchen corner ideas to maximise your space

The corners in our kitchens are notoriously awkward spots. Often populated by a solitary toaster or a pair of clashing cabinets, many people feel the need to use kitchen corners…

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News - 23.01.18

Ask the experts: what are the benefits of Quooker taps?

The team here at Burnhill love using Quooker taps. They’re practical and stylish in ways unrivalled by other kitchen taps, and we could wax lyrical about their benefits for days….

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News - 06.02.18

5 simple bathroom trends 2018

Your bathroom is more than just functional space. It presents opportunities to play with colour, experiment with materials, incorporate new technologies, all while creating an air of relaxation. Furthermore, when…

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News - 23.02.18

The elements of urban kitchen design

From industrial apartments to period townhouses, homes in large cities and bustling capitals always present a great opportunity to incorporate elements of urban kitchen design. Overall, urban kitchens should reflect…

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News - 22.03.18

The art of the monochrome kitchen

As one of the key interiors trends of 2018, monochrome has been infiltrating homes across the country. The appeal is easy to understand; the classic combination of black and white…

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News - 24.04.18

How to maintain grout in kitchens and bathrooms

Grout presents a notoriously tricky problem in kitchens and bathrooms. It’s difficult to access, hard to keep clean, awkward to maintain, and it has a reputation for being one of…

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News - 30.04.18

Functional kitchen design for cook-a-holics

One of the great things about kitchens is that you can design them to reflect your personality, your routine and your lifestyle. If you love hosting dinner parties and catering…

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News - 04.05.18

Choosing between ducted and recirculating cooker hoods

The key to an efficient kitchen partly lies in the appliances and fixtures you choose to install. Every feature in your kitchen should be working in tandem to cultivate a…

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News - 17.05.18

3 easy under-cabinet lighting options

Lighting is one of the most important elements of any kitchen, helping to improve efficiency, create atmosphere and highlight certain features or colours. Lighting installed under cabinets has the potential…

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News - 29.06.18

Modern storage tips for modern kitchens

Like kitchen design itself, kitchen storage has increasingly been taking on qualities of minimalism and simplicity. The desired effect is a modern kitchen with streamlined space, uncluttered surfaces, and the…

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News - 29.06.18

Kitchen accessories that make a statement

When it comes to kitchen design, practicality and functionality are high on the list. A good kitchen has places to store kitchenware, appliances and utensils and space to use them….

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News - 27.07.18

Timeless kitchen colour combos

When it comes to kitchens, only a handful of colour combinations have stood the test of time. From the psychedelic greens and oranges of the 1960s to the earthy brown…

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News - 03.08.18

Buying an oven: everything you need to know

Ovens have come a long way in the last several years, let alone in the last several decades. Advances in technology have lead to the development of sleek, efficient and…

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News - 18.09.18

How to choose the perfect kitchen sink

When it comes to function, the kitchen sink is the most versatile feature of any domestic kitchen. While you can display your culinary flair at the hob or rummage for…

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News - 04.10.18

Great British Bake Off Kitchen

The standard of contestants on the Great British Bake Off seems to get better each year. Showstoppers and technicals become more and more extravagant (when they come out of the…

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Kitchens - 24.10.18

Is your kitchen magazine ready?

You’re approaching the final stage of your kitchen refurb. The builders have been and gone, everything’s installed, the paintwork’s finished – but your design journey doesn’t end here. When creating…

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Kitchens - 01.11.18

The new kitchens on the block

So you have the latest smartphone, VR headsets and wireless headphones…”that don’t impress me much”. We live at a time where you can control your heating from your phone, your…

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Kitchens - 12.11.18

Sounds like a plan, Stan

Of all the rooms in your house, due to its dual purpose as both a functional and social part of your household, the kitchen can be one of the most…

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Kitchens - 21.11.18